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How to tell the quality of LED Tube

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How to tell the quality of LED Tube? We believe many people want to know the answers. Becasue with development of LED light products. There are too many bad quality LED tube Ligthts in the market. Bad quality LED tube light price is good, but it can not last long. Now we Aukus LED will share a some infomation about how to how to tell the quality of LED Tube. A good quality LED tube light must meet 3 criteria. Details as follows:

1. LED Tube housing. The LED tube housing not only looks beautiful, but also enough to dissipate the heat of the LED. This will demand the the LED tube housing thickness no less than 0.5mm. Or the LED heat can not dissipate fast. long time, it will hurt the LED, the LED lumen will lose very fast.

2. The Driver of the LED Tube. This is the core component. It directly decide if this LED Tube can have long serivce time. Now in China market, There is no a good brand for LED Tube driver, quality has a big difference. That is why We AUKUS LED designed our own LED Tube driver. So what is a good LED tube driver? The good driver must have High efficiency more than 92%, and high PF>95. This decide a LED tube if can save energy. The most important is the LED tube must be Constant current driver, and Constant current precision <4%. This decide the LED chip life time. what is more, the main components of the led tube driver, such as Intergrated control chip, MOS Tube, and transformer must good quality, we normally use big brand for these components. Besides, the driver design must has leeway, For examples, 18W LED tube Driver, we normally design can support 25W. we dont use the driver max Power.

3. The LED Chip quality and quanity. In the LED tube light market, mostly use SMD2835 as its light source. brand most local brand and Epistar LED. Normally a LED tube light 18W mostly use 96pcs SMD 2835, But we Aukus LED use 110pcs. This is the same reason with driver, we dont use its MAX power. It is like a truck, It can take 10t, but we only let it take 8t. Its life time will be different for taking 10t and taking 8t.

Ok, after our Analysis, we believe you will know more about the LED tube light, and must know how to tell the quality of LED Tube. This is the difference. This is why some factory can sell the tube light in a very low price.

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