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LED light Common failure reasons and solutions

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The high power LED as a new generation green lighting source, it has high efficiency, low power consumption, long life, no maintenance, etc advantages, which have been gradually used in various lighting. But since different companies produce different LED light products, the quality is very different, So the LED Ligh service time will be very different. Also, different type LED Lights, the life time is also different. For examples,The indoor lighting LED light,mainly including LED Tube light and LED panel light,its life time mainly depand on its drivers and LEDs.

What is the mian reasons why the LED light will fail?

Long life LED is based on its safe working environment. For the LED lighting, there are two main threats thataffect their life: One is over-electric shock, over-electric shock exceed LED rated current and voltage,including overcurrent impact pressure and overheating damage. The other one is the LED power supply problem.

Making led lights, we must use the heart to make it, from the LED, LED driver and lamp housing, use the good quality material.

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