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More information about the LED Flood light

Published:2017-6-29 19:35:58    Text Size:【BIG】【MEDIUM】【SMALL
Aukus LED today will talk about the led flood lighting products. As we all know, LED Flood light is mostly used in the outdoor area.
So the waterproof performance,IK class and appearance design should be excellent. LED Flood lights not only have a high lumen efficency,
But also have a long life service time. Since the LED Flood light, its maintenance cost is high.
In the market, we also can see many cheap and very low quality LED Flood lights, these types LED lights normally only work some months.
But their cost is really low, and make the market a mess. Good quality LED flood lights should have a very good lamp casing, and good quality LED Chip, and
good quality top brand LED Driver. Only these can make sure your LED Flood lights work long, and win more markets.

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