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New generation super bright LED crane light

Published:2014-11-1 10:11:47    Text Size:【BIG】【MEDIUM】【SMALL

Aukus has developed a new generation super bright LED crane light, This type 300W Crane light can Completely replace 1000W-2000W Metal Halide Lamp. This new type construction crane light adopt Riveting heatpipe to the fins,and makes the crane lights have a excellent performance for heat dissipation. What is more, the crane lighting fixture has Lighter weight. and when installs on the construction crane, It will not shake. the drivers will be happy when they drive the crane.

Besides,The LED crane light square reflector is also available: 30°×90°and 60°×90°meet the requirement of professional light distribution. and has a better lighting effect in the construction sites, dock, squares, stadiums.

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